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Custom Mixed

Calf, Heifer, & Steer Feed


Create your mix with grain, protein, mineral, salt, vitamins, and molasses.

We can help you customize your mix based on the age,

nutritional requirements, and the forages you feed your cattle. 


You can also bring in or store your grain here to be included in your feed.


Minimum size batch:  250 lbs.

Available in bags for pickup or bulk delivery


Soybean Roasting

We can roast your soybean and include it in your ration.  It’s an excellent source of protein and energy from fat.



Dairy Cattle Feed & Nutrition


We are ready to help you with your dairy nutrition program.

Your ration will be designed to fit your cattle’s needs and feeding method:


Total Mixed Rations

Rations for Robotic Milking

Top-Dressed Feeding


We understand that health, efficient breeding and freshening,

a well-balanced forage ration, and lactating/dry period transitions

are some of the most important topics for a successful herd. 


Our dairy specialist can work with you to help you achieve

your production goals.  We can create a feeding program

that fits both your needs and budget.




Nutrition Programs

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Feed Store Products

Dry Cow & Heifer Tub

Free choice lick tub

with protein, vitamins,

and minerals. 

200 lb.



American Stockman Fine Stock Salt - 50LB Bag

American Stockman®

White Salt

Trace Mineral Salt

SE90 Selenium Salt

EDDI Salt with Iodine

50 lb.

American Stockman®

Salt Blocks

White Salt

Trace Mineral Salt

SE90 Selenium Salt

50 lb.


Brussels Milling Feed Mill


Milling & Supply, Inc.

Since 1980

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Calf Starter

18% Protein or

20% Protein

50 lb.



Milk Replacers

More Information


Furst-McNess Company - Freeport, IL - AlignableFurst-McNess Company - Freeport, IL - Alignable


Beef Mineral Pack

50 lb.



Dairy Mineral

Pack 50 lb.


Dry Cow Concentrate Pellet

50 lb.


Dry Cow